The PHARMA NEXT exhibition will showcase for three days all the different pharmaceutical industrial projects and processing services for investment growth. The focus will be on promoting direct investment and effective ways to attract investors in the pharmaceutical sector.



  • Producers of Machines and Production lines

  • Laboratory Equipment

  • Raw Material Suppliers

  • Pharmaceutical Producer

  • Technical laboratories

  • Printing and Packaging

  • Engineering and Engineering Office

  • Turnkey company

  • Banks, Insurance and Leasing

  • Distribution, Logistics and Export Service

  • Executive Director (Industry, Trade …)

  • Investment support (ANDI, ANSEJ …)

  • Industrial and Economic Zones

  • Syndicate and orders of pharmacists

And all the organizations related to the investment


Why exibit?

  • Develop the image of your company and its brand

  • Maintain market presence

  • Raise the interest of the media

  • Attract new customers

  • Welcome existing customers

  • Resume contact with former customers

  • Develop your prospects database

  • Launch new products or services, generate sales

  • Learn about the expectations of its customers and prospects

  • To anticipate the market and its evolutions

  • To have an immediate and direct feedback on its range of products and the image of its company